The “Girls Call You” system was created in 1983 and it was distributed though out the nation via men’s magazines.  The system is a guide to help men connect with beautiful women easier and faster.

about usSince that time, the Girls Call You concept is still a live and well and now is bringing it’s message using the Internet.  Since then, the author (Life Coach) has provided a professional website to include several topics to help single men of all ages connect better with girls and women.

We have also brought together other dating coaches from all over the country to provide assistance and their professionalism to the dating arena.   We help introduce our visitors and clients to our contacts.  It’s a true win – win for everyone.

about us

This website is specifically designed to provide help, guidance and empower single men with more knowledge that will help connect him with single women – no matter who he is.  We live in very busy times and even the most educated man appears to have lost touch with the basics of connecting with women.

Times change, society changes and people change, attitudes change and trends change. Single men need the proper guidance – that possibly society has forgotten.  Sometimes a wake up call is required.

Men and women by the thousands are lonely.  They do not connect with each other as much as in past years.  Our missions is to help single men connect with single women for romance, relationships, marriage or just for fun.  Over the years, our team and our partners have helped over ONE million men meet women of their choice.

We hope you enjoy this website.