How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text – Discover the Magic Words.

One Time or Another Nearly Every Man Wants to know “How To Flirt with a Girl Over Text”.    Discover Everything You Need to Know.

how to flirt with a girl over textHey guys –

Now, listen up.  It’s not difficult to learn “how to flirt with a girl over text”.   I’m going to explain everything I know then you’ll also get to learn from an expert.   Fair enough?

I’m going to give you some fast and furious rules to follow.  OK?

Take Control of the Text Communication –
Always maintain control.
You must come across as a confident man.  You don’t have to be some control freaky guy – but you let her know you can make decisions on your own.   Don’t let her tell you what you need or how to flirt with a girl over textwant.

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How to Make Your Dick Bigger. Good News for Tiny Penises.

How to Make Your Dick Bigger?
This is a Question Asked by Millions of Men.
A Method Has Been Hidden From You.


how to make your dick biggerFirst of all, if you already have a monster cock and just want a bigger dick to scare the women even more, then this is NOT for you.

This is only for men who have below average or tiny penises.

Men have heard all their life that size doesn’t matter and to most women this is true as long as they can feel it.  However, if your penis is so tiny the woman is unable to feel it or have difficulty keeping it inside, then it may become a frustrating problem for both of you.

Sorry, but this is not the time to ignore the Elephant in the Room.  How to make your Dick Bigger is a Serious Issue.

A woman has special nerve endings all through her vagina.   All women are different, but most require the stimulation of these nerves and the gentle inside massage of the male penis is what provides her pleasure.

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Breaking Up is Not Easy. Men, Here Is Your Solution.

breaking upBreaking Up Is Never Easy.
Helpful Hints To Get You
Up and Moving Again.

1. Let yourself mourn the loss of her.

Again, breaking up is never easy.  I don’t believe any man gets married or jumps head first into a relationship saying “I can’t wait until this relationship is over.” Even if you wanted to your separate way, it’s still a loss in your mind and always will be.

It doesn’t matter what experience you had in your relationship the  break up is GRIEF

It’s not wise to dwell on the things you could have done or didn’t do.  Loss is still a loss. An empty space is there where something once filled it, even if that something was not what you wanted.

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Body Language of Women. Does She Want Sex?

Watching the “Body Language of Women”  Will Help You Know IF
She’s INTO You or Not.

body language of womenHere are 10 signals of  “Body Language of Women” you need to know as a single man.

1. Does She Touch Or Flip Her Hair when she’s talking to you?  If so, she’s most likely very interested in you.

2. Does She Keep Eye Contact With You?  If so, she is trying to tell you she’s interested in you.

3. Is She Licking Her Lips A Lot?   This definitely means she sexually into you.

4. Is Her Hips Open Towards You?  Yes, this usually means she wants you to be closer to her.  She is open to knowing you better.

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How Does Tinder Work – Great Way to Meet Girls.

How Does Tinder Work  – Should You Use it to Meet Girls?

how does Tinder workWhat is Tinder?

How Does Tinder Work? This seems to be a popular question today.

Tinder, in a “nut-shell” is simply an app for online dating.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s really a great way to meet girls.

It actually matches a man and a woman or “couples” based completely on their “LOOKS”, age preference and distance willing to travel.

The system will ALERT you when OTHER users arehow does Tinder work within an age range, gender and distance from you which is determined from your quick and easy info provided by your Facebook profile.  It’s very easy to sign up and that’s why it’s so popular  –  there is no lengthy application like so many dating sites have today.

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